Free Kindle eBooks on parenting modern kids and handling childhood obesity


Free_Kindle_books_Amazon_For_KidsRaising kids is a journey filled with many great ups and downs. What’s important is we do the best for our kids in terms of their health and education.

Childhood obesity is growing around the world and this FREE eBook from Natalie Johnson has some helpful advice on how we can help our kids eat in a healthy way. Click here for more on the book and the download it today on your Kindle because it’s FREE.

The second book is on how to deal with kids and video games by Scott Steinberg. It is hard these days to get kids attention because most of the time they are distracted by electronic devices like video games, phones, movies, computers, and more.  This book guide parents through this mess and let them know video games are not all that bad. Download it today on your Kindle because it’s FREE.



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